BREAKING! Accident at Annai leaves three dead


Shockwaves rippled through the village of Annai, Region Nine, when news spread like wildfire that three of its residents were killed in an early morning accident.

The families and friends of the deceased have now been plunged into a state of mourning after learning that a motor vehicle which was heading into the village from Georgetown hit the trio on the public road.

accident 1

The accident scene
The accident scene

Regional Chairman, Bryan Allicock, told INews today that two of the three dead persons were his neighbours and that they were en route to a shop when the accident occurred.

The married couple, Davis Williams and his wife Berlinda were said to be on their motorcycle riding along the public road close to Rock View junction when the motor vehicle slammed into the couple pelting them off of their motorcycle.

“We have not been able to identify as yet if it was indeed a car or a pickup that hit them because messages of all sorts are being transmitted, but my neighbours were said to have died on the spot…but the police have my vehicle and they are using it to transport the bodies right here so that the post mortem can be done…the other person who was killed didn’t succumb to his injuries until a couple of hours after,” Allicock stated.

He explained that the third body has been identified as Henry George, whose brother is the Toshao in that area.

The late George was proceeding to his farm on foot and was walking in the corner of the public road when the vehicle also hit him.

According to Allicock, he dispatched the medevac immediately upon learning of the accident but when the medical team arrived there they could not have saved George’s life.

“They arrived there and were taking him to fly him for emergency medical attention but he passed away before he could fly out…he didn’t die right away but a few hours after, since his injuries were so serious…he didn’t make it,” the Regional Chairman lamented.

It is unclear at this time what caused the accident to take place and the driver of the motor vehicle is said to be in police custody assisting with investigations into the matter.




  1. It is not easy to lost both parents at one times, along with uncle, my mother, father and uncle leaves us behind in pain and tears.

  2. BREAKING! Accident at Annai leaves three dead
    RIP ALL.
    But this is not very shocking since thousands of drivers in Guyana bought their driver license.. The real criminals are those that sell the thing..
    To be blunt::Its those who support and vote PNC doing the selling coz ever since the 70s and 80s they were at it selling licenses for as little as ten dollars back then.


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