Brazilian Investor claims fraud, corruption; offset by local Businessman

Mr & Mrs Bhaskaran along with their Attorney, Dexter Todd during the press conference. [iNews' Photo]

By Kurt Campbell

Local businessman, Joseph Bhaskaran. [iNews' Photo]
Local businessman, Joseph Bhaskaran. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Local and longstanding businessman Joseph Bhaskaran has come out in full denunciation of claims by Brazilian Investor Rodrigo De Paula that he colluded with the judicial system and police to rob him of investments he made in a Sand Mining and Scrap Metal Business in Guyana.

De Paula in a 40 minutes long video, which he posted on YouTube titled “Brazilian Victim Investor in Guyana”, details how alleged fraud, corruption and court litigation caused him to lose over $4 billion.

However, according to his former business partner Bhaskaran, De Paula’s claims and video is designed to manipulate and defame his character and that of his family as well as destroy his business locally and internationally.

“This is a malicious, cowardly and selfish act by De Paula. We are strongly condemning this act committed by him” Bhaskaran told reporters at a press conference on Saturday, March 15.

Bhaskaran firstly debunked claims made by De Paula that he is a millionaire investor in Brazil and that he pioneered two businesses in Guyana.

Mr & Mrs Bhaskaran along with their Attorney, Dexter Todd during the press conference. [iNews' Photo]
Mr & Mrs Bhaskaran along with their Attorney, Dexter Todd during the press conference. [iNews’ Photo]
The businessman said the business (Guyana Sand Port Inc) was owned 50 – 50 between himself and De Paula as opposed to claims by De Paula who said he owned the business entirely.

De Paula had alleged that when he came to Guyana in 2006 to set up the business, Bhaskaran was only a caretaker on the property located at lot 9 Coverden, East Bank Demerara and the property was abandoned. He claimed he made all the investments before giving Bhaskaran a break to supply scrap metal while at the same time “cleaning up Guyana.”

Bhaskaran also refuted these claims and that he stole money from the company to buy and build a new sand loading facility and a home at Soesdyke.

Bhaskaran has described De Paula advances as that of extortion. He said he obtained a loan from local banks which allowed him to open his new business contrary to claims that it was money that he stole he was using.

He said De Paula also sought to acquire an injunction to shut down his new facility (Guyana Quartz Sand Inc) but the Court refused to grant him.

“Also he filed a ridiculous lawsuit which I am engaging in Court, now he is attacking me through the internet… he is terrorizing me, my family and my business for the past three years, he is fabricating lies, using the Court and media to extort money from me” Bhaskaran added.

Meanwhile, according to Bhaskaran’s wife who was the accountant for the company at the time, she feels betrayed and hurt. “The video goes to show he was planning it since 2006, but we were unaware… we worked hard and treated him as a brother… I also blamed myself because I never paid enough attention,” Aliyah Bhaskara said.

Bhaskaran says he is now seeking legal advice to prevent De Paula from further damaging him.

“I want to expose him, his true colors and reveal his true intention which is to become rich over other people destruction” he said.

Many would recall the many publications in local media chronicling the incidents beginning in 2009.



  1. Baskharan must pay for his crimes. He must be put on jail as long as he deserves. He is a bandid acting jointly with his wife and corrupted authorities. That’s a pitty Guyana has been watched as a risky country for business investors because of Baskharan. Guyana must come with justice and solution. Baskharan damaged and he continues damaging Guyana’s reputation and image. JAIL STRAIGHTWAY TO HIM, HIS WIFE, AND CORRUPTED OFFICIALS.


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