Brassington sent on immediate leave

Winston Brassington
Winston Brassington
Winston Brassington

[] – Government today announced at a post cabinet media briefing that Chief Executive Officer of the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL), Winston Brassington has been sent on immediate leave.

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon said that reports regarding his handling of the entity’s business are being sent to the Police and the Special Organised Crime Unit to determine criminality.

Brassington’s deputy, Marcia Nadir – Sharma has also been sent on leave immediately. According to Harmon, this leave will facilitate a “transaction audit” that is to be conducted by the Office of the Auditor General.

“In cabinet’s view there is sufficient information provide in the report to the agencies for them to explore further and basically for them to dig deeper,”  said Harmon.

Brassington on Monday denied having committed any crimes and accused a forensic auditor, Anand Goolsarran of divulging contents of the draft report without giving the company’s principals an opportunity to comment.

“As far as I know I have not broken any laws and if Mr. Goolsarran is suggesting it then I believe I have a clear defense on why what we did was properly done and we should not be held responsible,” Brassington told a recent news conference.

On Tuesday, Former President Donald Ramotar says the “attacks” against Brassington are unwarranted and malicious.

The former President in a statement on December 22 said that he has “seen the sustained attacks on Winston Brassington in certain sections of the media and from the supporters / operators of the APNU + AFC regime for his work as head of NICIL.”



  1. This government is an empty vessel with much sound. There is no reason why charges are not laid. Granger needs to go. He is a weakling. I am so disappointed. If things are not done before the 50th anniversary, we the visitors will have Mass picketing. We placed you in there, and we can vote you out. Do you think that you can win the local government elections. Do the PPP have some secrets on Jordan. Something is not right. Again Granger needs to step down.

  2. I believe,when you beat your drum and dance at the same time,it creates suspicion.This,I think, Brassington didn`t know or understand.He has been saying that he did not do this or that,but the audit I believe,will indicate the result.Let`s wait and see..

  3. Ramotar cannot even represent himself,much less Brassington.He had an opportunity to confront Goolsarran an NCN worker who,it is alleged,misappropiated the company`s fund of over $3M dollars,what did he do?NOTHING.Isn`t this aiding and abetting CRIME?he should keep his BIG MOUTH SHUT,the HYPOCRITE he is.

  4. Mervin, the PNC regime only wants the perceived PPP out of office and put their onw cronies… fully well understand that and I am glad u do

  5. The alleged offences are not on the same scale. Don’t make stupid claims of racism. GPL’s CEO will get what the facts suggest that he should get, whether termination or a contract. My guess is that left to Ramjattan alone Brassington, Westford and others like them would be thrown into a bottomless pit.


  7. Let me put it this way. The present government will not be able to prosecute this guy nor most of the PPP PEOPLE to to the extent that they wanted, and they know that. There are immunity.And most of all a lot was done legally, not with good moral or progressive intention for the people of GUYANA. For the last home stretch in office the PPP did a lot of corrupt business legally. They forgot to invest in the common man. In the latter, they actions became transparent and tasteless to a lot of people. This present government is playing games with the Guyanese populace. Prosecution will be minimal because both parties has dark secrets. While at the same time this present government is using the situation to advance their agenda. This Government cannot advanced the country to better because they don’t know how. All they know is DICTATORSHIP. THERE ARE PEOPLE IN THE PPP WHO HAVE THE KNOW HOW.

  8. A country man/woman Guyanese knows what “slow fire” is all about. NOT real fire as some have been interrupting the statement, but what is playing out with this case and others like it.

  9. Brassington knew everything he was doing was a violation of principles and even laws, but he operated under the protection of the President, who has constitutional immunity against indictments.
    This is why Brassington now adverts to his actions as being sanctioned by Cabinet, of which the President was chief.
    Ergo, even if Brassington broke the law, the buck stops with Ramotar and Jagdeo, who enjoy immunity.


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