Brassington ends 21-year career with Gov’t


Head of the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL), Mr Winston Brassington will no longer head the controversial state entity.

Winston Brassington
Winston Brassington

INews understands that Brassington, whose contract came to an end on January 23, did not ask for his contract to be renewed and Government did not move to offer him a new contract as Head of NICIL.
Brassington has over 21 years of service in the financial, privatisation, management and economic project management areas. He served in the Privatisation Unit from 1994 and started heading the entity in 1996. He became Head of NICIL in 2002.
He has served over five Presidents and has completed hundreds of transactions. Notable achievements include the privatisation of the bauxite industry, the Berbice Bridge, and the Marriott Hotel. Brassington also chaired many Boards, including GPL’s and Atlantic Hotel Inc’s, and served as a director on many other State Boards.
Since the change in Government, the long-serving professional has come under attack by officials attached to the A Partnership for National Unity and Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Administration as part of a wider campaign targeting individuals perceived to be close, related to or sympathetic to the former People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Administration.
In December 2015, Brassington was sent on leave by Government to facilitate a Police investigation into the operations of NICIL.
Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, had said that the decision to send the NICIL Executive Director and his deputy, Marcia Nadir-Sharma on leave was made by Cabinet. However, INews was reliably informed that Brassington was not ordered on leave, but rather was already scheduled to take his leave.



  1. Today news indicated that SARU is going after Bobby for owning 90% of GPC while the government has 10% of the total shares….Is this a JOKE! If Bobby obtain wealth from Jagdeo….Jagdeo was the head of state at the time and @ least the wealth is re-invested into Guyana. SARU will have a hard time to prove this wasting more of tax payers dollars…worst yet to come, if BOBBY decide to pull out his stake and run, what next? ALL other business men will follow out of fear? Guyana will soon be Bankrupt under this PNC regime….these Guys are looking for money, bribes…they are going after the rich to try and full their pockets…typical hint is: The Granger administration has taken 9 loans and re-invested zero into the Guyana economy is proof that these dunces has no vision for Guyana future. It was proven by the ABC countries and WIKI LEAK data that Granger is racist….Harmon is the next hammy green so we do not expect educated people to fill the top posts….dictatorship will continue lacking leadership qualities to take Guyana FWD!

  2. For what Sweetiecake??????PPP should have prosecutate all those PNC members for robbing the treasury when they got voted out from office in 1992.

  3. Don’t forget when ever a new government comes in to power any where in the world they will bring in new people. The one who are complainting are full of shit. When the PNC was removed from power the PPP replace everyone so now the new government is doing the same. You people need to work together and stop this black man Indian man bs. Don’t matter how much education you have once you a Nasty racist you will always be. Black or Indian.


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