Braithwaite retains West Indies Full Bore Individual Title




Ransford Goodluck
Ransford Goodluck

[] – Another dominant performance from Guyanese shooter Lennox Braithwaite led to his retention of the West Indies Fullbore shooting title but he could not beat the challenge of Canadian Serge Bissonnette.

While Bissonnette finished atop the overall rankings, he was included as a title competitor for the West Indies tournament.

The title represents Braithwaite’s third win in the tournament and trailed by one point behind the Canadian who turned the tables on the last day.

Bissonnette recorded a grand aggregate of 384 points and 23 V-bulls while Guyanese Braithwaite shot 383 points with 24 V-bulls.

Trinidad and Tobago’s Norris Gomez amassed 381 points with 28 V-bulls to place third overall and runner up to Braithwaite for regional honours while Jamaican David Rickman recorded 377.21 for fourth, Alpar Katona of Canada  376.18 (fifth),Jamaica ‘s Wayne McNair (sixth).

Guyana’s Ransford Goodluck ended seventh with 374.28 while Guyana’s Captain Mahendra Persaud ended ninth with 369.23.

Braithwaite was also crowned short range champion with a grand aggregate of 247.16 to edge out Bissonnette who had 246.16 and Gomez 245.19.

Jamaican Anderson was the top shooter in ‘O’ Class with a grand aggregate of 361 points and 13 V-bulls followed by Guyanese Sigmund Douglas with 358.17 and Leo Romalho 358.15.

The event is being held at the Twickenham Park ranges in Spanish Town, Jamaica.




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