Bomb scare at GINA/NCN forces employees to evacuate Building



By Leroy Smith

The Fire Service responded to the bomb threat. [iNews' Photo]
The Fire Service responded to the bomb threat. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The operations of the state television, National Communications Network (NCN) Inc. and the Government Information Agency (GINA) are presently disrupted after workers from both entities were forced to vacate the compound following a bomb scare.

iNews ( was informed that the telephone call was received by the transmission operator Sabefetian Lucian who told this online news service that the male caller informed him that there were three bombs on the premises and should anyone try to leave the compound, one would be detonated.

He further stated that the caller informed him that the once the first bomb goes off, the remaining two will be detonated within the hour. The information was passed on to the senior management of the company and the building was immediately evacuated.

The Fire Service was the first to respond to the scene and the police and bomb squad were expected to arrive at the location after.

Acting Chief Executive Officer of the company Raymond Azeez told iNews ( that the matter was a sensitive one.

NCN is no stranger to bomb scares and would usually be plagued with a series of these calls during Budget and election seasons.


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