Bogus cops busted in massive Diamond raid

[File Photo]

Police force[] – A massive police raid in Diamond East Bank Demerara between Friday and Saturday has resulted in the arrest of two men who had posed as police officers and robbed unsuspecting persons.

Police in statement on Sunday, March 29 said that “the two men who were arrested by the police…have been identified as being two of the men who posed as police and conducted an illegal roadblock at Mahaicony, ECD, on March 18, 2015, and committed an armed robbery on some salesmen.”

During the arrest of the two men, the police had also recovered a .32 semi-automatic pistol with 12 rounds along with seventeen (17) rounds 5.56 calibre ammunition and a quantity of cocaine and marijuana.

The police had also managed to re – arrest Rayon Paddy, who escaped from the Georgetown Public Hospital while under police guard in January shortly after robbing the Popeye’s Fast Food outlet on Vlissengen Road, Georgetown.

According to a police report, Paddy was captured on Friday evening, while another man who was wanted in connection with several armed robberies was also arrested.




  1. Yes James, give del and the others it ! these fool were supposed to protect the Guyanase people , these very lunatics the pure criminal: Feli, nigel, basil, glen and the whole host of them, these pestilence !!!! these opposition are so backwards, they are so blind to progress, they will eventually become colour blinded, very so they will see black and call it white!!!!

  2. Well done police! Great job! continue good policing! Don’t worry Nigel Hughes, and Ramjattan , will soon say that was toy guns. Burnham spirit is still with those PNC thief. The PNC founder leader did a good job in teaching his followers how to steal. they are very corrupted! If people don’t believe, no problems. Please go on the internet and Google the recordings of Winston Felix, while serving as commissioner and Basil Williams, Some people say that is Glen Lall tap their phones and spy on them. Maybe Glen used his journalist Leonard Gildarie to spy on them? Also they were talking about some one hundred million dollars. Now the PNC wants to make that same corrupt Winston Felix Minister of home Affairs, they already make him a PNC Member of Parliament, and already calling him shadow Minister of Home Affairs. Are these stories real? A commissioner of Police planning to plant cocaine on one of their PNC supporters to get hold at the airport? And with the Shadow Minister of Attorney General, Basil Williams? Really ? Are we serious? Listen to the tape!
    Guyanese, Please listen to the recording!! Please!!!


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