Body recovered from boat mishap in Cuyuni River

Dead: Ivor Haynes
Dead: Ivor Haynes
Dead: Ivor Haynes

[] – The body of miner, Ivor Haynes was pulled from the Cuyuni River on Monday morning (April 20), two days after he went missing.

The body was recovered by family members who launched a search party for the man following a boat mishap on Saturday, April 18. Police sources indicated that the boat in which the man was traveling in is yet to be recovered.

The body was taken to the Bartica Hospital where police ranks examined it before transporting to the the Lyken Funeral Parlour. A post mortem examination is expected to be conducted on Wednesday, April 22.

Speaking with iNews at the Bartica Police Station on Sunday, Peter Pollard, the boat captain explained that on Saturday at approximately 17.30 hrs, they were traveling along the Cuyuni River from the Arawak Creek when tragedy struck.

Pollard told iNews that the engine of the boat failed and it eventually capsized while he and his 16 – year – old nephew plunged overboard and secured themselves on a rock.

The man stated that Haynes however was busy trying to save a metal detector which he bought for more than one million dollars. According to the captain, after the incident, they remained on the rocks until midnight before taking a decision to swim from island to island for three hours until they reached another miner who accompanied them back to the scene with a boat to look for the missing man. [Leroy Smith]




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