Body of woman constable fished out of canal in New Amsterdam

The body of a constable attached to the New Amsterdam Town Constabulary was, this afternoon (Sunday), fished out of a canal at Savannah Park, New Amsterdam, Berbice.
The dead woman has been identified as Devon Sheppard, 42, of Alexander Street, New Amsterdam in Region Six (East Berbice/Corentyne).
DEAD: Devon Sheppard
DEAD: Devon Sheppard

Reports are that Sheppard left home on Saturday night at about 20:30h to attend a wake at Stanleytown.

The woman’s son Marlon Sheppard, 19, said when his mother did not return home by midnight Saturday, himself and brothers called her cellular phone but those calls went unanswered.
“So we say that she sleeping by the friend because the two of them were very close,” he said.
The son said they became worried Sunday morning when they called her friend and was informed that their mother was not there.
Marlon Sheppard said he then made a report to the police. “I start looking for her bicycle and when I go on the backdam [Republic Road] I see she bicycle in the trench and then I see she lying face down in the trench.”   
He added that his mother might have used Republic Road to get to the wake since she said she was going to purchase ice and take it with her.
“She did buy the ice because I see the bag that the ice was in left in the basket on the bicycle.
Sheppard who has been employed with the New Amsterdam Constabulary for more than 10 years leaves to mourn three children; ages 19, 22 and 23.
Police are investigating.


  1. This is terrifyingly frightening. A country with so few inhabitants has so much murders and suicide than any place I have heard of. Condolences to these poor children who are left to mourn there mother.
    Where is the government input to stamp out some of these atrocities


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