Body of unidentified woman found in ditch


Shock waves rippled through the community of La Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara (WBD), on Sunday morning when residents in the area discovered the body of an unidentified female in a ditch.

Commander of “D” Division, Edmond Cooper, when contacted stated that investigations into the circumstances surrounding the woman’s death are on-going while noting that the body is unidentified.

“We have not gotten anything as yet. We don’t know it is who. We understand she is a taxi driver, so the investigation has now started, with this information.”

According Cooper, it is too early to assume that the now dead woman was murdered and dumped in that location. However, all angles will be pursued by investigators.

“We have not seen any marks of violence or anything so as I said we are still investigating. We got the report early this (Sunday) morning that a body has been found, a body was lying at the back of Parfaite, and the police responded. They found the lady’s body,” he stated.

Meanwhile, a Police source also told Inews that although claims are being made that the deceased was a taxi driver by profession, there was no vehicle found at the crime scene.



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