Body of New Amsterdam man found in his home



The partially decomposed body of a 62 year old man was on Sunday morning found lying at the bottom of a stairs in his home.

Lennox Blair called “Chiney” of Lot 14 Tuckburg Park, New Amsterdam was last seen on Thursday.

According to reports, neighbours said that a foul stench was coming from coming from the man’s home.

As such, his daughter was called. Accompanied by the Police, the young woman visited her father’s home. He was living alone when the discovery was made.

He was found lying at the bottom of a stairs in the house with his feet on the said stairs and his back braced against a wall.

His daughter Gia Blair is of the opinion that her father fell as he was seen imbibing on Thursday with friends. His body was taken to the New Amsterdam Cemetery and is expected to undergo a Post-Mortem examination on Monday.

The Police are investigating


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