Body of Linden teen floats ashore

Dead: Omar Mitchell


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Dead: Omar Mitchell
Dead: Omar Mitchell

[] – After two days of searching, the body of 14 year-old Omar Mitchell floated ashore, after he was pushed into the Demerara River on Tuesday, September 23 in the vicinity of the old Saw Mill at Half Mile, Linden.

The Harmony Secondary School Student’s body floated ashore at around 3:00 hrs this morning, Thursday, September 25 and was seen by a worker in the area who alerted the police. The body was removed from the scene and taken to a funeral parlor in Linden.

The Police searched in vain after the incident occurred and even dispatched four boats in the area in an effort to recover the teen’s body; however, the teen’s family members have now gotten closure on this matter and can now mourn the loss.

Yesterday the teen’s mother, Oneka Mitchell said her son cannot swim and would rarely go at the location of the incident.

The teen's mother, Oneka Mitchell.
The dead teen’s mother, Oneka Mitchell.

The form two student reportedly left home at around 17:00 hours on Tuesday and 15 minutes later his mother was called to the police station where she was told about her son’s demise.

According to his mother, he was in the company of a few friends and one of them confessed to pushing him into the river.

The boy who confessed to throwing Mitchell in the river is in police custody assisting with the investigations. iNews was informed that the teen told his friends he could not swim and that he would only bathe at the side of the river, however, the eldest teen in the group still threw Mitchell in the river and laughed as the teen struggled however upon realizing that Mitchell was sinking, he tried to save him but it was too late.

Omar Mitchell was the second of five children and was described an easy going and quiet young man.





  1. I hope the police charged him with negligence homicide bcause it’s not a laughing matter teach him a lesson of his life

  2. A tragic loss for his parents. If his friend was laughing at the time he pushed him into the river. I’d like to see him laugh now. R.I.P. Omar


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