Body of fisherman pulled from Atlantic Ocean

Radish Narine also called ‘Bunga’,

…Family cries foul play, alleges fisherman was kidnapped, taken to sea

The body of a Corentyne Berbice fisherman was brought to shore on Friday by his colleagues who claimed that he drowned after jumping into the Atlantic Ocean.

The dead man has been identified as Radish Narine also called ‘Bunga’, 43. of Miss Phobee Port Mourant, Corentyne, Berbice.

Radish Narine also called ‘Bunga’,

Based on information received, Narine was collected on Tuesday last from Alness Village where a brother lives. The now dead man’s brother, Jaidary Narine related that members of the fishing crew came in search of his brother but they were advised that he was no longer interested in going out at sea.

He explained that for several months ‘Bunga’ had resorted to catching ‘Hassa’ with net inlands. Nevertheless, the man was collected and taken to sea.

“Dem hold am by he shut and walk the man and carry am go Adventure,” he said in his native Corentyne dialect.

According to the distressed brother, he received a telephone call informing him that ‘Bunga’ had suffered a seizure and jumped overboard. Two of this other siblings received the telephone call but they were told different stories of what transpired.

“If a man catch fits and jump overboard in that water you can’t find that man,” the brother stated.

One report stated that the now dead man jumped overboard and swam under the boat to the other side but when the crew members attempted to pull him up, he did the reverse. Shortly after, he reportedly disappeared in the murky water.

Information reaching the dead man’s relatives revealed that one of the crew members reportedly tied a rope to himself and jumped into the water in search of the man and later came up with his lifeless body.

Relatives of the dead man at the foreshore on Friday

Villagers who have ventured out to sea told this publication that it is impossible to swim under the boat out at sea because of the strong current.

The man’s brother who spoke with the Guyana Times is also a fisherman and he related that once any crew member behave  strangely, he will be restrained and tied at a safe part in the boat.

He recalled being told that after ‘Bunga’ had jumped overboard, he was rescued shortly after but he is contending that this was not the case and someone is not telling the truth.

“The man was already dead,” he said.

‘Bunga’ worked for several years at sea and was also the captain for a fishing vessel in Suriname. According to the brother, in March of this year he made his last trip and despite several offers, he refused to go back to the sea.

The two men who brought the body to shore were asked to report to the Whim Police Station but up to late Sunday evening, the men did not show up.

Meanwhile, one of the dead man’s nephews claims that members of the fishing crew had threatened to kill ‘Bunga’ and as such, relatives believe that foul play was involved in the man’s demise.

Yoganand Tamsar said he spent a few days with the crew and after a fight broke out, he demanded to be taken back to shore; it was then that ‘Bunga’ was collected.

Tamsar gave the aliases of some of the crew members as; ‘Twisie’ ‘Bow’ and ‘Plugga’. He said ‘Plugga’ was the captain of the vessel. The name of the other crew member, he could not remember by referred to him as ‘Lall’s’ son.

The family is calling for a thorough investigation into the man’s death. Narine leaves to mourn four children and seven siblings.


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