Body of Essequibo man found with ‘mark’ on chest


Detectives from Police ‘G’ Division (Essequibo Coast-Islands) are probing the circumstances surrounding the death of an Essequibo Coast man, whose body was found on a farm at Good Hope.

The dead man was identified as Sakishnu Kissoon, 52, of Cotton Field, Essequibo Coast. Kissoon’s body was discovered by a farmer, Mahadeo Dryram, who later summoned Police.

Based on reports reaching this news outfit, the body, which is at the Suddie Mortuary, bore a single mark on the chest.

The dead man’s sister, Deerain Chan, positively identified the body as Kissoon’s.

She said after she had received news that a body was found at Good Hope, she visited the Police station and was escorted to the Suddie Mortuary, where she identified the body as that of her brother.

According to the distraught woman, after becoming separated from his wife and children some time back, her brother became an alcoholic, which led to him suffering a mental breakdown.

She claimed that on a day-to-day basis he would wander aimlessly in different villages and would sometime retire to sleep anywhere he felt comfortable. Good Hope residents said they saw Kissoon walking in the village earlier before the discovery of his body.

A post-mortem is expected shortly to determine the cause of death.


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