Body of drowned Abrams Creek boat builder recovered

Deceased: Tulsie Prashad

The body of 27-year-old boat builder, Tulsie Prashad of Abrams Creek, Upper Pomeroon River who drowned on Saturday last in the Barama River has since been recovered.

According to a relative Tulsie was living in Venezuela and returned home about three years ago due to a major accident he had in Venezuela.

After getting over his illness the boat builder went to Barama in January of this year to continue his trade.

His parents received information that he was washing his clothes when the hard brush he was using fell overboard. This publication understands that  he went in search of the brush and went down into the waters and drowned.

The body was recovered on Monday and was positively identified by his father who with other relatives travelled to the area after receiving news of the incident.

The police have since examined the body in presence of his father and other relatives, no mark of violence were found.

The body was buried in Barama.


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