Body in barrel: Horrifying details emerge; victim had threatened to end relationship with attacker

Suraj Veersammy and Vanessa

Thirty-year-old Suraj Veersammy also called “Radesh”, who confessed to killing his girlfriend, was on Tuesday arraigned for the heinous crime when he appeared at the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s Court.

The young man was arrested one day after the partially decomposed body of 24-year-old Devika Narinedatt called “Vanessa” was discovered in a barrel floating in a trench at Belvidere, Corentyne, Berbice.

After interrogation, Veersammy told detectives that the woman had threatened to end the relationship, which angered him and he retaliated. Initially, he claimed that the now dead woman had hung herself but later told Police that they had an argument during which he took a bed sheet in an attempt to hang himself.

However, in the process of doing so, the woman continued to argue, prompting him to hang her instead but not before hitting her to the head. After committing the act, he reportedly left the house but later returned.

He then ensured that the woman was dead. That occurred on Thursday evening. On Friday morning, he reportedly cut down the body and stuffed it in the barrel. Further, he rolled the barrel and dumped it in a nearby trench.

Upon the discovery, a bed sheet was tightly tied around Narinedatt’s neck with marks of violence on her left eye, stomach, left shoulder, left hand and left leg.

After receiving information about the whereabouts of the suspect, Police arrested him at the Dharm Shala, at Fort Canje.

Meanwhile, mother of the suspect, Satty Veerasammy told INews that she hopes her son receives the full force of the law.

“How she feel, so he should feel. I imagine that when he was doing it the child beg up to the last moment and he still kill the pickney. I think he should suffer just so. I prefer if they hang him and throw him in the river or lock him up and throw away the key… he don’t make no sense.”

The woman, who raised three children including the suspect, explained that he was taken out of school at a tender age because his father became ill and was confined to a wheelchair.

However, she noted that the suspect started to steal from home, forcing her to put him out in 2010.

Although he was put out, Veersammy would still visit the home in the evening when everyone was asleep and remove items from the yard.

According to the woman, she can recall him breaking into the home one day when she took her husband to the hospital.

“If we going gut, somebody got to watchman this house,” she noted.

The murder suspect had on more than one occasion threatened to push his father and the wheelchair into the trench. “He is bad,” the mother cried.

According to the grieving woman, her son came home in November with Narinedatt and told her that he was a changed person.

“Is because of she mek me allow him back in this house. When she come, I see that she is a nice person. And when I talk to she, I see that she come from a poor family, so I hold she just like a daughter. He seh that he change, but I did not expect that is the change. Maybe, he could have done it to me or his sister.”

She noted that her son should have let the young lady go her way if the relationship could not work out.

Nevertheless, he was remanded to prison by Magistrate Peter Hugh until June 9, 2020.