Body found on WCD foreshore: Man died from blunt force trauma, drowning – James


…says as investigations continue

The 21-year-old, Richard Ramkissoon, whose body was found on the Essequibo River foreshore at Orangestein, West Coast Demerara (WCD) on Tuesday morning, died from blunt force trauma and drowning.

This is according to the results from the post mortem which was conducted on the man’s body on Wednesday.

Police “D” Division Commander, Leslie James has confirmed that the investigation into Richard Ramkissoon’s death is still on-going.

“We need to know what might have caused it [blunt force trauma], therefore an investigation has to continue,” he told Inews today.

Dead: 21-year-old Richard Ramkissoon

Inews had previously reported that the body of Richard Ramkissoon, of Sisters Village West Bank Demerara (WBD) was on Tuesday morning discovered at the Orangestein, West Coast Demerara (WCD) foreshore after he reportedly drowned on Sunday.

The young man’s body was found about 07:30 hrs between boulders at the Orangestein foreshore.

It was reported that the man had gone to the Koker in Parika, East Bank Essequibo with his girlfriend on Sunday to swim in the Essequibo River and it was during the outing that, he reportedly drowned.

Ramkissoon was reportedly carrying his girlfriend on his shoulders and as they ventured farther out into the River, the young man suddenly disappeared under the water, while his girlfriend, who reportedly could not swim, started to shout for help as she fought to stay above the water.

The young woman was allegedly rescued by public-spirited citizens nearby, but Ramkissoon could not be saved.

Speaking with Inews on Tuesday, the young man’s father, Gulkarran Ramkissoon, explained that he spoke to his son on Saturday as he was leaving work to meet his girlfriend in Parika.

The man noted that his son did not return home that day and on Sunday morning, the two spoke during which time the young man said he was going to return home later in the day.

The distraught father explained that about 15:15hrs that afternoon, he called to inform his son that his boss wanted him to be at work early the next day, but a young woman answered the phone and related the tragic news.

“When meh ask she where meh son deh, she didn’t answer right away and she cry lil. So me ask she ‘what happened to meh son, somebody beat he or he get lock up?’, she still nah answer. Then she say he drown and them nah find he. So me ask if he dead and she say yes,” the man recalled.

The grieving father went on to say that after receiving the news, he began to panic and so he called his relatives to verify if his son had indeed drowned. At Parika, the relatives discovered that the incident occurred since 12:00hrs on Sunday.

While highlighting that he sensed foul play played a part in his son’s death, the elder Ramkissoon related to this online publication that his son’s body, after it was found, showed that he had lost a full head of hair and his face was swollen. The man added that the upper part of his son’s leg was also swollen. (Ramona Luthi)


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