Boat operators who charge double fares can be suspended- Maritime

File photo: The speed boat landing at Stabroek, Georgetown.

Following reports of boat operators charging passengers double for traversing the Georgetown and Vreed-en-Hoop stellings on Sundays and holidays, Harbor Master of the Maritime Administration has proclaimed that these operators can be suspended for their actions if the matter is reported.

Head of the boat operations, Michael Tennant told this media group that the passengers would be required to file an official report of the incident, which would require the name of the boat, along with the time of the incident since it would make the investigation easier.

A number of passengers traversing the Georgetown- Vreed-en-Hoop stellings, have complained of the double fare being imposed on them on Sundays and holidays.

INews received complaints that boat operators usually demand an increase of an additional $100 when they transport half the amount of passengers on this route. However, persons also complained of cases where they were forced to pay the extra $100 when the boat is full.

Many persons are unaware that the additional fee is unlawful.

One of the many persons who complained to this publication said “We have no other choice sometimes especially when they (boat operators) know that the bridge is closed they try to exploit us and I think that is unfair”.

However, a bowman who spoke to this newspaper said the fares are increased on Sundays and holidays because those are not full working days.

“Sundays and holidays is $200 (charged) because we ain’t supposed to be working. So them man does come out because them ain’t got nothing fuh do (and them want) fuh try and help de passengers to get across more fast. $200 a head. Me ain’t know why them (passengers) does row, because this is de cheapest boat fare around here,” he declared.


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