Boat goes up in flames in Berbice River moments before being boarded by passengers


A 25-seat passenger boat went up in flames at the New Amsterdam Market Wharf, Berbice, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) last evening (Thursday), shortly before passengers were about to board for the four-hour long trip to Sand Hills.

Inews understands that about 16:00h, the captain of the vessel and one crew member were aboard and were about to commence loading passengers and cargo when the incident occurred.

According to information reaching Inews, the captain powered on the engine and the battery sparked, igniting the few drops of gasoline that were left on the battery from ‘fueling up’ moments before. This led to an explosion, forcing onlookers to cut the boat loose to avoid damage to the wharf and other boats which were also moored at the wharf.

Both the captain and the sailor reportedly plunged overboard and swam to shore. The Coast Guard responded and pulled the burning boat to shore.


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