Blue CAPS tells President: “Set a specific date for LGE”

Clinton Urling
Head of Blue Caps, Clinton Urling.
Head of Blue Caps, Clinton Urling.

[] – Blue CAPS, a non-partisan civic non-governmental organization, says it is pleased with the announcement made by President Donald Ramotar that he will set a date for Local Government Elections (LGE) in the second quarter of 2015.

However, the Group believes this is not enough and urges the President to go further and instruct the Minister of Local Government, Norman Whittaker to announce a specific date for the hosting of these elections.

Blue CAPS believes only a specific date and not a generalized and vague promise will activate the Guyana Elections Commission’s (GECOM’s) internal processes to effectuate and administer the successful hosting of LGE.

“We also urge the President to resume dialogue with the parliamentary opposition to discuss the hosting of these elections,” Blue CAPS said in a statement; explaining that this is crucial if the Executive wants to avert a successful no-confidence motion from the Legislature.

The President had said too that he will move to dissolve Parliament, in keeping with his constitutional right, should the Opposition push ahead with the pending No Confidence Motion against his administration.

To this end, the public policy advocacy Group warned that any attempt to impose on the design of the agenda of the Parliament will be met with resistance by the combined parliamentary Opposition and this would only add to the dysfunctional and non-productive, political environment that currently prevails.

“It is time our political policy-makers look for solutions that unite rather than divide our country and work together in a bi-partisan manner for the benefit of all Guyanese,” the statement added.

Blue CAPS has been pressing the administration along with other opposition political parties and the international community to announce a date for the holding of long overdue LGE, which was last held in 1994.



  1. Blue CAPS, a non-partisan civic non-governmental organization? Really?
    Like yall dont know or dont want to know this is just another mouth and arm of PNC.
    Why U asked? Is only a matter of time before PNC fling WPA big man Ropenarine under de bus..PNC know they will need new people and new voices…Typical PNC trying to bully PPP into setting a date for LGE and at the said time they calling for no confidence…Like these PNC people Ramotar will still be President after their no confidence..What a bunch of crock these people are..


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