Blue CAPS not in support of President’s decision to prorogue Parliament

Clinton Urling
Head of Blue CAPS, Clinton Urling
Head of Blue CAPS, Clinton Urling

[] – Blue CAPS, a non-partisan civic non-governmental organization, has expressed its disappointment in what it described as the hostile and partisan climate of governance that exist between the executive and legislative branches that led to President Donald Ramotar’s decision to prorogue Parliament.

In a statement issued last evening, the Body made it clear that it is not in support of the President’s decision and urged him to reconvene Parliament based on “deep existential concerns for Guyana’s democracy.”

“Instead of promulgating healthy political competition that eventually would lead to meaningful bipartisanship for finding collective solutions to the nation’s most critical challenges, politicians on all sides have relied on outright maneuvering and brinkmanship.

“While we do not support the president’s decision to prorogue the Parliament and urge him to reconvene it urgently based on deep existential concerns for Guyana’s democracy, we also understand the rational of his decision against the threat of a no-confidence motion that would have curtailed the five-year democratic mandate to which he was justifiably elected to serve in executive office.”

According to the organisation, this entire episode reaffirms the urgent need for comprehensive constitutional reform that finally would eliminate statutes that have undemocratic roots and characteristics.

“Moreover, it underscores the need for us as a nation to look at ways of modernizing the state and reinventing government that facilitates dialogue and removes issues of distrust and cynicisms,” the statement noted.

Blue CAPS suggested that the government convene an independent panel of civil society stakeholders to oversee the resumption of talks with the Opposition.


  1. The president has used a constitutional option, which though obscure, is perfectly legal in light of the political maneuvering occasioned by the opposition’s pursuit of a no confidence vote. If the shoe were on the other foot, I doubt that the outcome would have been any different. Like it or not, at the bottom of all this is the political survival of a government which has yet to prove that it can deliver the goods of socio-economic and political change equitably, control and ultimately eliminate corruption within its own ranks, and develop practices and procedures which ensure social justice for all citizens. Regardless of which party is in power, all Guyanese need to face an indubitable fact; the central political problem in Guyana, is the issue of race. This is the uncomfortable truth of Guyana’s politics. Politicians and citizens who deny this reality will continue to have the distorted notion that we can sweep this “gorilla” under the rug, and pretend to deal with other mundane issues of governance. The ironies and surrealism of Guyana’s politics would make Kafka blush. While the nation’s leaders quibble about a fait accompli (prorogation), Guyanese exit the country by the plane loads each day, lawlessness and corruption are ubiquitous,and the nation ranks among the lowest in the region with regard to the physical quality of life. The post-independence governments of Guyana have failed to deliver on their promises to the masses. We are a divided people, and this bleeds into our politics, manifesting itself in social frustration,ethnic disharmony, and delayed economic development. Current political and parliamentary arrangements are inadequate for the task of reversing this state of affairs. The people of Guyana must send a clear message to those who would lead them out of this political quagmire, that we must do so as a united people, or continue to dissipate our energy in futile political sparring.

  2. Dafuq is dis boy anyway? He thinks he is Obama? He flipping ONE PERSON PARTY that is not a party… Ridiculous. He LOVES the spotlight! Dont talk one shit right. Go and sell ur lousy soup cause not even that u can do good! Attention hog!

  3. The Church,Private sector,OAS,the general public,is unhappy with the state of the country and the way the PPPc is playing with its own ppl, any party in power will never please everybody in any country, what ever the PPPc do will please the few that are stealing all the land,all the money from the lotto funds,stealing all the unused buildings like Sanata Textile and so much more, the is going to be empty very soon, enough is enough its time to cast your votes, then and only then we will see how much ppl love the PPPc , everybody need to make a choice.

  4. only a matter of time guyanese were waiting to hear from the new mouth n arm of pnc..ok they not in favor of what the president your life they were waiting to trample on ppp supporters if they shut down parliament through their no confidence crap..ppp outfoxed the dummies and now they vex..u will see all pnc mouths and arms coming out one by one from under their slimy rocks..redt thread and ghra next..


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