Urling rejects PPP’s claim that Blue CAPS has political agenda

Head of Blue Caps, Clinton Urling.

By Kurt Campbell

Head of Blue Caps, Clinton Urling.
Head of Blue Caps, Clinton Urling.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Clinton Urling has made it pellucid, once again, that the Social Change Organization – Blue CAPS – which he Heads is a non – political non-governmental organization.

Urling was responding to accusations by the ruling People’s Progressive Party which claimed that Blue CAPS has a hidden political agenda.

“We have said it time and time again that Blue CAPS is a non-political NGO that formulates and advocates public policy prescriptions,” Urling told iNews as he further explained that civil society contributing to public policy is not a rare occurrence in any democracy, Guyana being no different.

The PPP in making reference to United States Ambassador to Guyana, Brent Hardt’s recent statements while addressing a function hosted by Blue CAPS, accused him of launching into a barrage of undiplomatic tirades; adding that he unreservedly used the Blue Caps forum to stir up controversy and level political invective against the General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee.

“In this way, he has exposed to the Guyanese public the hidden political agenda of the Blue Caps Organisation by unfrocking it as a handmaiden set up to accomplish clear political objectives,” a statement from the Party said.

Further, the statement pointed out that while Urling has been busy trying his best to convince many that the Blue CAPS has no political agenda, the US Ambassador has declared to the contrary and in fact has laid bare what Urling was trying so hard to conceal.

To this end, Urling said that Blue CAPS is not interested or offended by labels, but rather supports the sentiments echoed by the ‎US Ambassador that the government has no excuse not to hold local government elections now.

“Advocacy for LGE is not a political issue but rather a civic duty as citizens,” he said

He added that the organization intends to stick to its values of “objectivity”, “respect for diverse opinions”, “non-discriminatory” and “respect” as it continues to advocate for policies that ensures a prosperous Guyana.



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