Blue CAPS donates $45,000 to Colwyn Harding Support Group

Colwyn Harding Handover-1278
Blue CAPS’ Treasurer Ms. Jo-Ann Thompson hands over the cheque to Mr. Norwell Hinds of the Colwyn Harding Support Group. Looking on are other Blue CAPS members, including Chairman Mr. Clinton Urling.

[] – Blue CAPS on Monday, December 22 made a donation of forty-five thousand dollars ($45,000) to the Colwyn Harding Support Group to help offset the cost associated with his hospital stay and medical expenses.

Blue CAPS is a non-partisan civic NGO that develops and advocates public policy prescriptions for a better Guyana.  

Twenty – four – year Colwyn Harding, was allegedly raped with a police baton on November 13, 2013 and was readmitted to hospital in November 2014 following an emergency surgery.

According to reports, the young man’s intestine was found to be infected, forcing his relatives to rush him to a private city hospital where he was immediately operated upon for more than five hours.

That unfortunate development had caused setbacks to the commencement of the trial of the two police ranks, who were charged for his assault.

As a result of being raped, Harding suffered serious injuries to his intestines and was flown to Jamaica for further treatment last year.


  1. Blue Caps is a new organisation formed as a cover for the PNCR ., they get financial backing from that organisation USAID -notorious for advocating regime change of all those governments which the USA perceives as unfriendly. Blue Caps may be a NGO but surely has a political agenda., Guyanese are more enlightened and can see right through. Doling out a few thousand quids is just a cheap PR exercise

  2. Another wrong move by this Blue CAPS group. This man is a known thief and this group throwing their support behind him.


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