Black Bush Polder resident beaten to death


[]The police are investigating the murder of 50 – year – old Jewanlall Deonarine called ‘Bingle’, of Lot 122 Lesbeholden South, Black Bush Polder, which occurred at about 22: 15h on Saturday October 5, by a gang of men, on the Black Bush Polder Public Road.

Investigations revealed that Jewanlall Deonarine and his son-in-law, Totaram Dhanraj and other persons were celebrating Totaram Dhanraj’s farewell and they went to a Chinese Restaurant on the Public Road to purchase cigarettes. According to the police, while entering the shop, one of the men cuffed Deonarine, a fight ensued and his body was later found on the said Public Road.

Jewanlall Deonarine was taken to the Port Mourant Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. One man was arrested and placed in custody.

Investigations are continuing.



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