Bisram likely to be extradited to Guyana as US Judge throws out challenge

Murder accused: Marcus Bisram

Guyanese American, Marcus Bisram, is now likely to be extradited to Guyana to face a murder charge related to the death of a Berbice carpenter Faiyaz Narindedatt.

A Judge in New York has thrown out Bisram’s challenge to fight his extradition to Guyana. In a ruling yesterday, United States District Judge, Kiyo A. Matsumoto ruled that there was sufficient evidence presented to the Court for Bisram to be extradited to Guyana.

This decision came following the Appeals Court in Guyana also throwing out an application made by Bisram’s mother to have the said murder charge against the man withdrawn.

That matter was taken to the High Court after Justice Navindra Singh had the said matter dismissed.

Bisram‘s mother had filed two prerogative orders against the Department of Public Prosecution (DPP), one to prohibit proceedings for the prosecution of Bisram for the murder of Narinedatt and the other to compel the DPP to withdraw and discontinue the charges on the grounds of abuse of power.

In late 2016, Narinedatt, was beaten to death and later ran over by a motorcar allegedly by orders of Bisram whose reported sexual advances towards Narinedatt were rejected.

The four men who allegedly committed the murder have since been charged and are currently on remand.


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