Bishop Edghill responds to ‘Jesus voting’ issue

Minister within the Ministry of Finance, Juan Edghill.

[] – Minister within the Ministry of Finance, Bishop Juan Edghill continues to maintain his position when it comes to the contentious issue of Jesus Christ voting for the ruling People’s Progressive Party.

In a statement issued on Monday, March 02, Bishop Edghill rejected the perception that the PPP is ungodly and as such, should not be supported by the Christian community.

See full statement below:

It would appear that the old PNC Propaganda that the PPP is ungodly and should not be supported by Christians is being revived and even being encouraged by some in the media.

In 2011, I publicly stated that a man’s holiness or righteousness is not determined by the political party he supports and the campaign of demonizing persons of Christian extraction who supports or vote for the PPP has no basis in Biblical Theology.

The actions of a Christian must be based on a sound conviction that the teachings of Scripture is not violated in anyway.

The bottom line is what Jesus would have done: Let us examine:

How did he treat with a woman who was caught in the act of adultery? Her accusers condemned her and called for her to be stoned to death. He embraced her, offering her forgiveness and a chance of renewed life.

How did he deal with the notorious public official named Zacchaeus who was despised by Society? He went to his house had dinner with him; a changed life was the end result.

How did Jesus deal with a woman who was a prostitute? He engaged her even though the onlookers criticized and found fault. She became a worshipper.

How did he deal with the lepers – Those rejected by society? He broke the barrier and identified with them. He did not only heal them but he touched them, which was unheard of; since leprosy was an incurable disease and no one dared touch a leper.

How did he deal with the Samaritan woman? He being a Jew, according to the tradition and culture should have had no dealings with Samaritans (what levels of prejudice) but he went to meet the woman of Samaria at the well; even she was surprised of his bold engagement with her. He crossed the lines of prejudice.

He paid his taxes even when the society felt that the tax regime was oppressive and he called on all to render to Ceaser what was due to Ceaser.

It would appear that emotionalism, rather than deep theological thought had been the guiding principles that would have informed the Christian Church’s engagement in things of a political nature. So the immature response has been that the Church should not get involved in politics. This misconception and erroneous view is not supported by scripture.

Secondly, the creating of an image of the PPP being heathen and idol worshippers have flourished, unchallenged for decades in the Church. This was to facilitate and justify the Church’s support for a dictatorial and oppressive PNC Government. The few Church leaders who challenged the PNC were all ostracized by the leaders and members of the Christian Church in the past.

My actions and giving support to the PPP/C runs counter to that norm. Hence the unfounded criticism of my views. I reject the sensationalism and suggestion that my statements are blasphemous. If mine are, then the pronouncements from the pulpit in several Christian Churches over decades would not only be blasphemous but can be best considered as diabolical, abominable, outrageous and downright wicked but I cast no such judgment on our Church leaders and fellow Christians.

The biased prayers and supposedly prophetic utterance about God’s will for the PNC now APNU to be in Government and the introduction of various Presidential Candidates to their Congregations in the run-up to previous election as “God’s Choice” and “God’s Man” to govern Guyana was not only misleading and manipulative but was using the Church to promote the PNC now APNU as Godly (acceptable to God & God’s choice).  N.B: None of them won the elections. In my 30+ years of Church Ministry I have seen all of the above mentioned in the Evangelical, Protestant, Pentecostal and Traditional Churches.

Jesus was crucified by the religious order of the day, not by the ungodly because he dared to challenge the status quo in declaring truth and bringing redemption to mankind.

Let’s stop promoting race prejudice by using Christianity as a guise and wrapping. Several prominent Christian Leaders have mounted the PNC, APNU platform in the past; some were on its electoral list; some served as Members of Parliament. They used scriptures in their speeches, use songs of a Christian nature with varying degrees of sarcasm as weapons against the PPP. No one said a word. It was a cause in support of the PNC so it was right!

Every Christian should vote based upon their conviction. I have stated why I support the PPP/C. Let all those who oppose my views come out publicly and state their position on why they are supporting the parties that they are supporting and what their justifications are.

Let those, some of whom are my respected elders who have used veiled language and would have sermonized in very suggestive ways to support the PNC now APNU and AFC explain their actions. Isn’t this not the height of Hypocrisy?

The reality is that I know of scores of Pastors and Church leaders who have broken that barrier of feeling condemned and “less of a Christian” because of their non-support to the traditional Christian view as it relates to politics.

Christians support the PPP/C.

Christians have voted for the PPP/C in the past and more will vote for the PPP/C in 2015.

The propaganda of the PNC having the divine right to rule Guyana has been rejected by independent, objective and well researched Christian leaders and Churches.

If I offend by my boldness, I apologize. But for the truth and the principles I believe in, I stand by it.

I am guided by what I believe Jesus would have done in these circumstances.