Bills should be sent directly to President for assent – Speaker Trotman

Minister of Governance, Raphael Trotman.

[]Given the uncertainty surrounding the four Local Government Bills which were passed in the National Assembly some two months ago, and which is still awaiting the President’s assent, Speaker of the National Assembly Raphael Trotman said in the future he will use his persuasive methods to have the Clerk send the Bills directly to the President for his assent.

“I believe that the Bills should be sent directly to the President. If he wishes to have legal advice, then he should probably send them to the Attorney General (AG), that is my personal belief,” Speaker Trotman told a news conference on Monday September 30.

The four contentious local government Bills are still sitting at the AG’s Chambers awaiting the President’s assent. This practice was criticized by members of the opposition, who stated that the Bills should not have been at the Chambers.

However, Speaker Trotman confirmed that there was a practice of sending government Bills to the Chambers to be tidied up, after which it was then sent to the President.

Given the situation facing the tenth Parliament, the Speaker believes that this practice should cease. The Speaker also confirmed that the 21 days for the President to give his assent only begins when the Bills actually reach the President’s desk.



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