Bickering continues between Mayor and Acting Town Clerk

Carol Sooba.

greenMayor Hamilton Green and Acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba continue to dominate City Hall with their petty arguments. Theirs was the centre of attention at Monday’s statutory meeting.

Acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba presented a memo to have the meeting conclude at 17:00hours.

The reason for this she explained is that the council and its workers are in danger due to the recent protests.

Sooba says workers are not allowed to enter the premises and were threatened by the protestors.

In addition she says it has also resulted in a significant loss of revenue.

In responding to this the Mayor Hamilton Green says this is the most absurd document he has ever seen.

According to Green, the Town Clerk feels she is the imperial master for the council and can decided when meetings should be terminated.

At the end of the bickering, the meeting was adjourned early to allow the mayor to depart for an overseas trip. [Akash Ramlackhan]



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