Better Hope man found with throat slit …son among 3 held for questioning


By Kristen Macklingam

Screams erupted in the quiet village of Better Hope, East Coast Demerara (ECD), last night, when family members returned home from an outing at the creek to discover one of their relatives lying in a pool of blood with his throat slit.

Seventy-six year old Ramkissoon David a.k.a “Dillip” and “Shortman” was found in the living room of his lot 61 Better Hope South, ECD home by his son.

Reports are that David’s son, daughter-in-law and his two grandsons had left home around 11:00h on Sunday for a family outing.

The now dead man had opted to stay at home alone stating that “going to the creek was young people’s thing,” his daughter in law Gaitree told INews.

They returned home last night around 19:30 and noticed that the lights were off in the house. Upon inspection her husband made the gruesome discovery of finding his father in a pool of blood.

DEAD: Ramkissoon David a.k.a "Dillip"
DEAD: Ramkissoon David a.k.a “Dillip”

“The house was ransacked and the rooms were broken into. The money my husband had along with his father’s was gone. We noticed at the back of the yard by the zinc it had an opening like a hole so we assume the culprit(s) came through the back there,” the woman lamented.

She explained that the back door of their house was open while the front door was slightly “pushed in”.

When neighbours became alerted of the matter they began panicking and some began screaming when they rushed over and saw the crime scene.

According to Gaitree, police ranks presently have her husband in custody as well as her husband’s boss and his boss’ brother.

She related that her husband is a carpenter by trade and that every weekend he would collect his salary. It is unsure at this point in time if that is what prompted persons to break into their home in search of the money, the distraught woman said.

“They have them there, my husband and his boss them for questioning since last night…i don’t know who would want to do something like this, but my husband loved his father so much and would never do anything like this. It is ten years now we live here and my father-in-law was such a nice man, you can ask anyone around and they will tell you, we didn’t have any problems either'” Gaitree posited.

Neighbours stated that the now dead man had been filling water in a tank yesterday and when they noticed the water started overflowing they tried notifying him. However, because the house was locked up and the front door closed they assumed he was asleep.

Residents in the area are uneasy at present since this is the first time such a horrific and tragic act was meted out against someone in their village.

Investigations are presently ongoing into the matter.


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