Better Hope family evacuates home due to burning tyres

The burnt out tyres on Monday

A Better Hope, East Coast Demerara family was forced to evacuate their home on Monday after a businessman set alight a quantity of old tyres.

53-year-old Charran Sahdeo told <<<Inews>>> that a large number of used tyres which occupies an empty plot of land next to his home, belongs to his neighbor were set on fire causing thick black smoke to consume his house and other houses in the area.

A concerned Sahdeo further stated that the fire was first set on Saturday but it was put out after residents protested.

The burnt out tyres on Monday

However, at about 7:30h on Monday, the flames reignite forcing Sahdeo to evacuate his extended family, inclusive of two toddlers.

“Saturday he light a fire here, and like the fire undermine and went till down at the bottom….and every now and then the fire keep coming up, we does call the fire service but sometimes they take too long to come….when we see the fire start spread this morning we try to take lil precaution, thank God the house ain’t catch afire”, he stated.

Nevertheless, Sahdeo’s home received no extensive damages apart from a burnt fence and gutters.

The businessman was detained by police. At the scene earlier today, the fire fighters were making sure that the fire is contained.



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