Better Hope construction worker commits suicide

DEAD: Vincent Sukhdeo, called Leon
DEAD: Vincent Sukhdeo, called Leon

A 35-year-old father of one, Vincent Sukhdeo called ‘Leon’, has committed suicide.

Sukhdeo, a construction worker of Lot 105 Dwarka Street, Better Hope, East Coast Demerara was reportedly found hanging from the ceiling in his room, over his bed, by his elderly mother early Monday morning.

The deceased, who was said to be a frequent consumer of alcohol, was reportedly seen with his friends imbibing on Sunday night in Better Hope. He committed suicide on his return home sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning.




  1. Do not jump to conclusions. This has nothing to do with PPP or PNC. This has everything to do with alcohol abuse. Just take a second look and see how many rum shops are there in and around Better Hope. Long ago people would take their drinks on weekends.. Now it’s everyday. Rum drinking in Guyana has long been an epidemic. So stop the finger pointing and help bring the problem in the spotlight. Why so much Bar? Why so much Clubs? Why so much Beer Gardens? Young people are dying by committing suicide!!!! Others develop serious illnesses!!! Families experience domestic violence!!!! Children experience physical and emotional abuse!!!! Many are neglected and robbed of their very basic needs!!!! All these and more are happening because of the excessive use of alcohol. What the hell?? Let the Authorities do something about the opening of rum shops in every street corner!!! Let the Authorities / Health Minister impose an age limit on alcohol and cigarette use among young people because like Mr Leon, many of them start as teenagers. Sad indeed about the plight of this young man. I am sure his alcoholic problems didn’t begin when the PNC won the election.

  2. The younger generation in Guyana is full with depression – 1) lack of education 2) poor economy resulting in no jobs 3) relationship issues caused by financial issues/drinking problems. Since the PNC regime took office, they have done ZERO good for the economy. The rice farmers were promised $9000 per bag (that fell through)…the Sugar industry is also dead. The regime created bad with Venezuela who used to be a major buyer….The government took (several) loans across various countries, and did not re-invested a penny to create revenue to pay back the loans….Guyana is definitely heading under the Atlantic…Not to mention the crime rate has sky-rocketed, killing the tourism industry.

  3. Better Hope construction worker commits suicide
    De cack eye security minister and his limpy pnc boss during the election campaign told the world that Guyanese killing themselves because they are depressed under the PPP regime and that Guyanese must vote for them because they know what Guyanese need to prevent them from killing themselves. If i were given a choice- i would live under PPP depression any given day rather to live under PNC depression. Under PPP you can have your say without fear but never so under the brutal PNC people. Let them stop this – more to come when people don’t have money to buy the full amount of rum or dope.
    Madmaxx the racist capharbhundhar dem must be smiling on these suicides

  4. Seems like the more the media publicize suicides the more they keep happening. sort of like a copy cat, others being motivated by other suicides victims We need to hear from the families after someone commits these act. maybe that will decrease the motivation to commit such an act.

  5. Many people who realize that the PNC has indeed rig the election and will definitely bankrupt Guyana and know that young people cannot make it anymore turn to crime or suicide. Guyanese and the world is watching how all those PNC pensioners are frustrating the youths.


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