Berbice woman allegedly brutalized by child father; cops refuse to arrest

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By Jomo Paul

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[] – A Berbice woman is currently nursing injuries to her head and other parts of the body after the father of her child allegedly dealt her a sound trashing.

According to 24-year-old Tishauna Edwards, she was about to leave home in New Amsterdam Berbice, when then man, who is a Guyana Defence Force (GDF) rank, accosted her and began to harass her.

The battered woman told iNews that she filed a report at the New Amsterdam Police Station on Friday, June 05 but officers there refused to execute the arrest.

“I just jump in the taxi and he come in behind me, I don’t know where he come from, he just came in the car and I told him to come out but he was not leaving,” said Edwards.

The mother of one detailed that the man dragged her out of the car via her hair and beat her about the body whilst dragging her along the roadway. She said she was rescued by some young men who noticed the ordeal.

However, the story took a surprising twist for the young woman when she went to a nearby police station to report the incident.  The officers reportedly  refused to arrest the man citing that they are unable to do so because of his army status.

“They told me that they can’t arrest him and hold him for the night because he is a Lieutenant in the Guyana Defence Force. They said they have to get permission from someone,” Edwards explained to iNews.

“I went with my mom and he came after and when the police told him to sit on the bench, he walk out and jump in the car and drove away; they called him back,” she added.

The woman also told iNews that as a result of the incident she was forced to seek refuge away from her residence, since she suspected that the man would make another attempt to harm her.

Edwards explained that she has been separated from the man for some six months now due to his abusive behaviour. The woman is pleading with the relevant authorities to look into her situation with some amount of urgency given the fact that she fears for her life and that of her child.



  1. Don’t be silly whoever you are. what was the old home affairs minister doing all this time?. Give the coalition a chance.

  2. Big man with a name like that I can assume that you are not very bright. The incident has nothing do do with the coalition. This lawless has been going on in Guyana for a long time. Breakdown in society and poor education has a lot to do with what is going on in Guyana at present ; and big man I have noticed that the disease did not spare you either. If anyone is responsible for the behavior of this soldier action it is the PPP and not the coalition be fair about it. Guyana has been deteriorating for the past 20 years and this happened under the PPP watch .

  3. What foolishness….cannot be arrested because of rank in the army? Should have been arrested immediately and locked away. He is not above the law. Should be jailed and dismissed from the army. Simply disgraceful.. and the police!!!!! Shows how little they know about these matters.

  4. WHERE IS RAMJATTAN NOW? HE IS soo sucked up into winning a case he lost he fired two police! Which should have been fired by the police chief for crime committed a long time ago! BUT If he is micro managing the police, he should be doing the same in this case!

  5. It is not against the law, his army status should be taken away ,because he is an abuser. Women please start a blog about this issue and let’s get help to eradicate this issue Domestic Violence is every woma

  6. where is the collation, woman arm that were rallying for the rights and respect for woman…are they here to represent woman or were rallying for power only….

  7. Sandy its going to take some time for the rogue cops to be weeded out, remember they were lawless for 23 years,,,I am sure the cockroach will get what is coming to him,,

  8. it will take time to look after that,but i do hope when it is properly looked after,people don’t start to holler

  9. Hope she has a huge brother or don’t give a damn relatives that would dish out a can of woop ass on him. Bet the police act then. This beast needs a dose of his own medicine, someone bussing his ass for real.

  10. If you are going to discipline Police Officers for brutality, I do hope you know you will have to apply the same to the military! No exceptions.

  11. Because of his army status he cannot be arrested but if this woman shoot or stab his ass, she would be arrested. In my opinion she should use her strength and fight back, show him she is a strong woman and so other abused women can stand up for themselves. Women are stronger than men, they just don’t know it. Lady Edwards; you have to protect yourself and child, show him who has the power. Do it!

  12. Well I feel for that poor woman again domestic violence. I hope he is arrested soon and the law deals with him. Fancy saying he can’t be arrested because of his army status so it’s okay if he had killed her. The police need to get their act together. No longer will that lawlessness in the force be tolerated.


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