Berbice student who assaulted classmates was bullied, has been suspended – Education Ministry


A student of the New Amsterdam Technical Institute (NATI) who was caught on camera assaulting his classmates has been suspended, the Ministry of Education says.

Investigations revealed that the student launched the attack on his colleagues because he was being bullied.

The teenager as well as his classmates who were assaulted are undergoing counselling.

The video of the assault went viral on social media on March 26, 2019. The incident had occurred the day prior, on March 25, 2019. The student was seen cuffing his fellow classmates and beating them with a belt.

The Education Ministry had immediately launched an investigation into the matter.

An initial brief meeting was held with the Administration of the Institute, Senior Officers of the CSSP, some members of the Board of Governors of NATI and the Assistant Chief Education Officer – Technical.

An assembly was held with the entire student population to reiterate the Ministry of Education’s non-tolerance to violence. The students were also reminded of their signed commitment, at the time of admission to the Institute, to obey the rules of the Institute by ensuring that matters are reported to the school as against taking matters into one’s hands.

A meeting was also held with the academic staff of the institution. The students involved in the incident were interviewed in the presence of their parents/guardians. A meeting was also held with the parents/guardians of all students of the NATI.

The NATI and CSSP have been conducting welfare and counselling sessions with the CSSP students including Conflict Management and anger control and management. These services have also been extended to NATI’s regular students.

Among the recommended actions are that the frequency of assemblies at the institution must be increased and sections of the rules and procedures must be discussed at these assemblies. At these assemblies, students will be encouraged to report incidents and the procedure for doing so must be explained.
To further address the issue of bullying on a bigger scale, the Institute will be launching an Anti-bullying campaign to ensure that students are sensitized on the negative effects of bullying. The Institute is to be declared a ‘No-Bullying’ Institution.




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