Berbice shooting…21-year-old succumbs to injuries


The family of 21-year-old Saitanya Kishundyal from Rosehall, Berbice who was shot to his abdomen earlier this week has now been plunged into a state of mourning after learning that the young man succumbed to his injuries.

His sister-in-law Aruna told INews today that around 20:00h last night they received word that Kishundyal drew his last breath at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) after battling for his life for a few days.

crime fightShe explained that doctors at the hospital were unable to perform the necessary operation(s) on the young man due to his body being ‘too incompatible’.

According to the woman, her brother-in-law had been shot with a pellet gun and this caused massive internal injuries inside of his stomach.

“They said his body was not capable for the surgery them, like it had run down or so. Actually it was not a bullet it was like pellets so when they shoot him inside his stomach it burst up in there. We are trying to cope with this, the police have not gotten anyone yet,” Aruna stated.

The distraught woman further explained that although their security camera has footage of that fateful night, the identity of the shooter and his accomplices cannot be ascertained.

“The footage on the camera can’t really show clearly their identities because the camera was too far from the area. But the four of them looked like they had on masks too. The police have not gotten back to us yet either,” she said.

The night Kishundyal was shot, he was returning home from attending a religious function.

Reports are that it was around 22:00h when the young man had entered his yard and was just about to close the gate when a lone gunman confronted him.

His father, Harrybol, told INews that there were three other perpetrators positioned inside of the yard and they were trying to get his son to open the front door for their house.

However, his son began to scuffle with the armed gunman and was shot to his abdomen during the struggle.

The armed man then fled the scene as his three accomplices scattered and disappeared into the dark streets.





  1. So sad. rip. Dem say crime under control a we boy say so rum jattan. We boy jattan law firm will get more wok n mek more money from the criminals. So it all about making money.

  2. This is so sad..Hope the hangman is still around in Guyana,waiting to put the noose around the necks of those animals.

  3. When is something going to be done, This is very SAD ,RIP kid they took your life away before you even begun living, all we will see is x person arrested and silence after the headlines, SAD


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