Berbice pensioner killed in fire allegedly set by son


A fire believed to be an act of arson has left a pensioner dead.

The dead man has been identified as James Pertam Lachmansingh, 72.

The former rice farmer shared the lot 9 ‘A’ Bushlot West Coast Berbice home with his son Romel, 20.

Dead: James Pertam Lachmansingh

At the time of the blaze, both were at home. It is alleged that the son, who relatives referred to as a drug addict, started the fire and left the building and stood on the road.

It is believed that the fire was started in the verandah and then quickly spread to the kitchen.

Lachmansingh was said to have spent most of his time sitting in the hall watching television.

Reports are that he suffered from a medical condition and experienced difficulty walking, making it almost impossible for him to make it out of the burning building in a timely manner.

According to eyewitnesses, smoke was initially seen coming from the kitchen area and by the time they rushed to the building the flame had covered the door and they could not enter.

The man’s burnt body was found lying on the kitchen floor.

Meanwhile, a unit from the Onverwagt Fire Station responded quickly. The firemen reportedly braved the heat to enter the building but the man was already dead.

The firemen were able to prevent extensive damage to a nearby building which was already ignited when they arrived.

According to one close relative, Romel who is a former President’s College student had developed a habit of beating his father when he was denied money to purchase marijuana.

Both the Police and the Guyana Fire Service are investigating the matter.

Lachmansingh leaves to mourn four children two of whom are overseas and five siblings all of whom are overseas. (Andrew Carmichael)


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