Berbice man shot at multiple times in apparent execution attempt


At least four shots were fired at a Berbice cattle farmer on Tuesday in New Amsterdam in what was believed to be an execution attempt.

Fenton Bell

Reports are that Fenton Bell was shot once as he was about to enter his home.

The Berbice cattle farmer had just walked a friend out of his gate when he noticed someone hiding behind a concrete wall near some bushes in a nearby playfield.

A hole in the concrete wall from a bullet which penetrated through the building and into the backyard

“The person shoot from in the bushes on the ground, so nobody could see them,” he said.

Opposite Bell’s Lot 2 Islington home is the Stanford Cricket Ground. According to Bell, the shots came from inside the ground where the caretaker’s house once  stood.

The area Police believed the gunman was hiding

He said after the first shot was fired, he threw himself to the ground, but the gunman fired three more shots. He said that one of the bullets grazed his neck as he was attempting to enter the house to call for help. He said he managed to call the Police who arrived quickly. Three warheads were recovered.

Police in a release said about 17:35h just after Bell parted company with a Policeman with whom he was having a conversation, a hail of gunshots rang out, resulting in his injury.

Fenton Bell’s home

The Police also noted that an eastern glass window was shattered and four indentations allegedly caused by gunshots were seen on the concrete wall of the eastern side of his house.

Investigations are in progress, the release said.

According to Bell, the shots were fired from about 40 metres from him.

“Someone was there waiting for me, because I didn’t get to reach in back…I was lucky. My time has not come as yet,” he told this publication.

No one was apprehended for the shooting. (Andrew Carmichael)


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