Berbice man remanded for killing wife, burying body in shallow grave

Avemanen Permaul

Avemanen Permaul, 55, was on Tuesday arraigned for the murder of his wife, Waynumattie Permaul, when he appeared before Magistrate Renita Singh at the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s Court.

The accused, of Lot 73 First Street Kilcoy, Chesney, Corentyne, was not required to plead to the indictable charge which says that between April 21 and 22, he murdered Waynumattie also known as “Datalin”.

The now dead woman was the mother of three including West Indies left-arm spinner Veerasammy Permaul.

At the arraignment on Tuesday, Police Prosecutor Corporal Shillel Matterson told the court that the Police Force is yet to complete its file and as such, requested another three weeks to do so.

As such, the murder accused was remanded to prison and will make his next court appearance on May 31, 2022.

The matter was transferred to the Albion Magistrate Court.

Dead: Waynumattie Permaul

It was reported that the couple’s son, cricketer Versammy Permaul, turned up at the Police station on Thursday last where he reported that his mother and father were not on speaking terms and that his mother was last seen on April 21, 2022.

As such, an investigation was launched during which bloodstains were found at the home of the murdered woman. Her ex-husband was immediately arrested and interrogated during which he revealed that he and the woman have been separated for about two years now.

Following the separation, the suspect moved to the upper flat of the home while his wife remained in the lower flat. The suspect further stated that on April 21, 2022, between 18:00h and 18:30h, he was in the yard in close proximity to the woman’s bedroom and overheard her speaking on her mobile phone to a male.

He told detectives that he immediately confronted the woman in the bedroom and an argument broke out between them. This led to a scuffle during which he cuffed her about her body and choked her neck.

Soon after, he stated, he saw blood on her body and she fell to the floor and remained motionless.

The suspect, instead of calling out for assistance, wrapped the woman’s body in a bedsheet, left her on the floor, and went into the empty lot which is about 100 yards opposite his home where he dug a hole.

He later returned to the house and dragged the woman’s body to the empty lot and dumped it in the hole. He then covered it with dirt.

After committing the act, he went back to his home and went about his normal business.

Nevertheless, after interrogation, the businessman took homicide detectives to the area where he buried the woman’s body and the gruesome discovery was made.