Berbice man beaten with cutlass, robbed


A 56-year-old self employed man was attacked and robbed of $35,000 by three bandits, as he was making his usual rounds in Kilcoy, Chesney, Berbice to collect money from his debtors within the village, yesterday afternoon.

Mohamed Azad Budhram of No.19 Village, Corentyne, Berbice works as a furniture maker and would collect money owed to him for his services on a weekly basis. As such, at approximately 14:05hrs yesterday, while in Kilcoy, he stopped to purchase “a snow cone from the shave ice man.”

He recalled that he was approached by a man from behind, who proceeded to push his hands into his pockets.

According to Budhram, he knew the man as “David” from Kokerdam, Berbice, and he initially thought the man was making a joke. In fact, Budhram told Inews that the same man had asked him to “make a bed for him” on a previous occasion.

The 56-year-old man relayed that after feeling the hands in his pockets, he turned around and jokingly told David, “wham you want a raise or wa?”

However, the middle aged man said that David responded by collecting a cutlass from one of his accomplices and dealt him several lashes across his body. David was then towed away by one of his accomplice on a bicycle.

The police were contacted, and are currently searching for David.


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