Berbice man attempts to burn down house while family was asleep

The fire partly damaged the outer part of the door
The fire partly damaged the outer part of the door

A 28-year-old labourer identified as Rakesh Takurdeyal has been arrested after he allegedly attempted to burn down a house while a family, including children, were asleep.

Deodat Williams, a cattle farmer, along with his wife and children were asleep in the upper-flat of their two-storey house located at Alness, Corentyne, Berbice.

Williams said sometime after midnight on Thursday, he was awakened by his dogs barking.

Upon inspection, he saw that his house was on fire. The man then ran outside where he spotted the suspect, whom he had previous misunderstandings with. According to Williams, the suspect jumped his fence and escaped.

The farmer and his wife managed to douse the fire using buckets of water.

The outer part of the door at the bottom-flat of the house, which is said to be the only access door to the building, was partly burnt.

Investigations are ongoing.