Berbice machine operator killed by African bees


Heavy-duty machine operator Dhancoomar Hookumchan of Bush Lot, West Coast Berbice succumbed on Monday to the venom injected in him after he was attacked by a swarm of African bees in the vicinity of the Abary River – the western extremity of the county of Berbice.

Dead: Dhancoomar Hookumchan

Information reaching this publication detailed that the late 60-year-old Hookumchan had been operating a bulldozer clearing a worksite on a dam when the swarm of killer bees attacked him.

Following the attack, he was rushed to the Mahaicony Cottage Hospital, but succumbed even before reaching the medical institution.

Just last month, three persons were hospitalised at the Suddie Public Hospital after coming in contact with a swarm of bees in the Pomona New Housing Scheme on the Essequibo Coast in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam).

Gold miners Donald McIntosh, Raymond Oselmo and Tyrone Charles were attacked by African bees at Imbaimadai in Region Seven earlier this year. McIntosh died from the encounter.

The three miners were reportedly driving an excavator along a trail in the area when they encountered a tree that blocked their path. While using the excavator to clear their way, they were attacked by the bees which had converted the tree into a hive.

Flustered by the attack, McIntosh had allegedly run into the nest while his two companions fled in the opposite direction.

It is believed that when McIntosh jumped off the excavator, his foot got stuck in “quicksand”, and this detained him long enough for the bees to concentrate their attack on his body, which was retrieved days after that incident.


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