Berbice labourer found dead on cattle farm


Police are investigating an alleged murder committed on a 51-year-old labourer between 18:30hrs on Sunday and 13:30hrs on Monday at East Canjie, Berbice.

Dead is Harrinarine Samaroo of Betsy Ground, Berbice.

According to reports received, Samaroo and a 28-year-old suspect of Reliance, Berbice, were employed at a cattle ranch, owned by a Canadian resident at New Forest in Berbice.

The suspect told police that at about 18:30hrs on Sunday, he was in the camp house’s lower flat, in a hammock while Samaroo was in the yard located west of the house.

Further, the 28-year-old Reliance resident alleged that shortly after, he felt a “lash” to his left hand, which caused him to receive visible injuries. As such, the man claimed that he jumped through the southern window of the Camp house and ran away- because he became afraid.

He said he the reported the matter to the Reliance Police Station.

The brother of the owner of the cattle ranch was also reportedly informed.

As such, the 47-year-old man reportedly went to the camp and it was there that Samaroo was discovered lying motionless on his right side, in a crouching position, about 20 feet from the camp house, next to a wood and chain link fence.

The police were contacted and after the body was examined it was revealed that the deceased appeared to have been shot on the right side of his head, near his ear.

The suspect is presently in custody assisting with investigations.

Moreover, according to the brother of the owner of the ranch, ten sheep valued at $200,000 were reportedly missing.


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