Berbice farmer stabbed to death during home invasion

Dead: Deoprakash Lallbachan

A Corentyne, Berbice farmer was stabbed to death on Friday evening during a home invasion.

Dead is Deoprakash Lallbachan called “William” of Lot 22, Grant 1655 Crabwood Creek, Berbice. Reports are the 59-year-old man was stabbed to his right and left side chest, and the abdomen.

Dead: Deoprakash Lallbachan

<<<Inews>>> was told that the intruder entered the home via a window on the lower flat of the building at about 22:30h on Friday. To gain entry, the intruder removed two metal bars from the window.

This publication was told that Lallbachan was watching television in the lower flat while his ailing mother-in-law was in a room next to him and his wife was upstairs.
The farmer’s wife, Nalini Lallbachan told <<<Inews>>> that Lallbachan shouted for her after the intruder pounced on him.

“I hear he say ‘Nalini! Nalini! Come them bore me! Them bore me!’ I saw him hanging over the cupboard with blood running down. He said to me ‘They come out, they want to kill me’,” the wife recalled.

The widow related that she placed her husband on the floor and rushed to close the backdoor.

Deoprakash Lallbachan’s Crabwood Creek, Berbice home

“I had closed it earlier, but I see it open,” she said, indicating that the intruder may have opened it to run out of the house. She said she started screaming for help but no one responded. She said that she then telephoned one of her husband’s friends who lives in the same village and he rushed over.

They then took the injured Lallbachan to the Skeldon Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

While it is believed that the suspect is a kitchen thief, the grieving woman is of the opinion that it was not a robbery.

“I can’t say but I think that if it was a robbery they would have gone upstairs because everywhere was opened,” Nalini contended.

Police were called and upon arrival found that the suspect removed vegetables from a freezer that was outside and placed the items along with some biscuits just outside the back door. However, after the stabbing suspect escaped, leaving his loot as well as the murder weapon at the scene, the Police recovered a bloodied knife in the kitchen, a cutlass in the yard and a piece of clothing.

There were footprints leading from the house to the back fence of the yard.
Police are on the hunt for the suspect. The couple had been married for 37-years and has two children.


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