Berbice farmer killed execution-style

Dead, Parmanand Lakeram

A 40-year-old rice and cattle farmer of Number 58 Village, Corentyne was last evening killed execution-style while he was in the backdam.

Dead is Parmanand Lakeram also called ‘Bachan’.

Family members say the man the man left to go into the backdam to check on his tractor which was pumping water into his rice field.

However, police reports suggest that the man went to the backdam to tend to his cattle.

According to reports, Lakeram and two men were in their vehicle at the backdam when they saw a light approaching.

As such, Lakeram went to inspect.

Upon inspection, gunshots began to ring off.

At this point, Lakeram told his two friends to go and hide in the bushes.

The friends told police that Lakeram told them “run boy, run, Chunic just shoot me!”

After the gunshots ended, the friends returned to the area where they say Lakeram in a pool of blood.

There were what appeared to be eight gunshot wounds to his hand, two to his head and two to his abdomen.

Police are investigating.