Berbice farmer arrested after police found ganja at his home


A Bloomfield Village, Corentyne, Berbice farmer was on Saturday arrested after police found a quantity of marijuana at his home.

The police said that they conducted a raid exercise at the home of the 34-year-old farmer between 14:55hrs and 15:10hrs, on the suspicion of narcotics, arms, ammunitions, stolen articles and wanted persons.

During the raid, a police rank observed an open lot at the side of the home. He made checks about the area and found a white and black bulky plastic in the said open lot about 30 feet from the suspect’s yard.

The rank then checked the bulky plastic and found a quantity of leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be Cannabis. The farmer was shown the suspected Cannabis, told of the offence and cautioned. He denied the allegation.

He along with the narcotics were taken to the Whim Police Station, where the Cannabis was weighted in his presence and amounted to 232 grams.

The suspect is presently in custody at Whim Police Station assisting with investigation.