Berbice family robbed, young mother of 2 abducted, raped


An 18-year-old Berbice mother of two and her family were the victims of multiple atrocities committed on them by two armed bandits who greeted them after they returned home from an outing.

The young mother was abducted and raped, while her family was also robbed of cash and jewellery by the two bandits, who fired shots in the direction of a four-month-old baby, to have the family comply with their demands.

The 18-year-old mother of two and her 52-year-old mother arrived home on Monday evening about 22:00h from the Berbice Expo, and saw two men under the house, but could not escape.

The house is situated close to the Corentyne Highway. The unemployed elder mother said both men were carrying guns.

“My daughter had her two children, and one went to her and the other one came to me and put me to lie down. He put his foot on me and then kick me and say that they want the money and jewellery,” the woman said.

She told this publication that both men were masked.

She explained that her daughter was pushed into the hammock with her four-month-old baby and her other child were placed to sit on the ground.

At the time, the woman’s 32-year-old differently abled son was in the upper flat of the house, but owing to his disability, he was unable to aid his mother and sister.

The woman related that he managed to run away from the men and rushed over to her neighbour’s yard. She said the Police were called and they responded quickly, but as the men left, they grabbed her teenage daughter and took her with them.

The teenager related that the men demanded her cellular phone and the silver jewellery she was wearing at the time.

She said that two gunshots were fired – one landing inches away from her baby’s head.

“They told me that I have to go with them and they pull me and carry me down to the cemetery,” she said.

In tears, the teen told this publication that one of the men then raped her.

According to her, when he was finished, the second one was about to rape her also, but they saw the flashing lights of the Police vehicle and both escaped.

“When they finish with me, they tell me don’t tell nobody or they will come back to me…”
The scared teenager also related that since the incident, a particular neighbour has been mocking and teasing her about the incident. She said this has made her more depressed about the ordeal.

Meanwhile, Police on Tuesday arrested a man at his Whim Village, Berbice home in connection with the incident.

Investigations are ongoing.


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