Berbice Commander vows to tackle social ills during community outreach


Divisional Commander for Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) Jairam Ramlakhan on Wednesday last conducted a community outreach at Crabwood Creek where he spoke to the residents about the collective need to tackle issues of social ills.

Accompanied by a number of senior police officials, the outreach was held at the Crabwood Creek Sports Club Ground at Corentyne, Berbice.

A statement from the Police Force outlined that the Commander spoke to the residents about tackling social ills in the communities, with specific focus on alcohol and substance abuse.

According to the Commander, alcohol and substance abuse are affecting the younger population especially.

“He said that alcohol and other substance abuse is affecting especially the youths in the community and that forums where everyone can freely share experiences as well as express their challenges with a view of recourse or recommendations moving forward, are pivotal for success in modern day policing,” the statement reads.

The Commander also noted that unregulated liquor stores (rum-shops) are “conducive grounds for narcotic trade” while domestic violence remains a “ripple effect of the abuse of drugs and other substances”.

It was announced that Deputy Commander Hemnauth Sawh will soon spearhead an operation which will focus on removing narcotics hustlers and other idlers from the streets of Berbice.

Moreover, it revealed that a brand new 4×4 vehicle has been assigned to the sub-division to assist with patrols, as well as responding to reports made in the area.

Meanwhile, the Force’s Public Relations Officer Stan Gouveia reminded the residents that the police “are citizens first”.

“You may see all these officers in uniform, but they are citizens first and police officers second,” he said.