Berbice Bridge Company to appeal CJ ruling on Govt takeover

The Berbice River Bridge.

The Berbice River Bridge Company has signaled its intention to appeal the recent court ruling regarding government’s takeover of the operations of the Berbice River Bridge.

See full statement below:

The Berbice River Bridge is disappointed at the ruling of Chief Justice (ag.), Roxanne George SC, with regard to the takeover by Government of the operations of the Berbice Biver Bridge.

The Company has consulted with its attorneys-at-law and the Board of Directors have concluded that the recent ruling ought to be challenged.

The Berbice Bridge Company Inc shall, in due course make its filings to the Court of Appeal seeking to set aside, or reverse, the ruling of the Honourable Chief Justice (ag.).

The Company has, on many occasion pointed out that successive governments have failed to honour the Agreement for annual adjustments of the toll to cross the bridge, resulting in accumulated loss of billions of dollars to the Company.

The Company has pointed out that since June 2015, the Minister of Public Infrastruture has consistently refused to meet to discuss toll adjustments.

In the meantime, since the takeover of the bridge and control over the toll charges, the Company is expected to meet the cost of its operations at continuing loss to the Company.