Benschop aims for landslide victory at LGE; calls for reform of elections laws


By Jomo Paul

Mark Benschop
Mark Benschop

[] – Political activist, Mark Benschop says that he has already informed the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) of his intention to contest the Local Government Elections (LGE) and is aiming for a clean sweep at the Georgetown polls.

Benschop, in an interview with iNews, revealed that he has major plans for Georgetown, but he wants central government to put certain things in place and implement some legislature reforms.

He said that the current City Council should be dissolved since it would give those hopefully of being re-elected an unfair advantage over the other competitors.

He also wants the Government to use its majority in the National Assembly to make further amendments to legislation governing local authorities.

“Chapter 28:01 is antiquated,” he declared stating that persons should be allowed to vote for any specific person they want to be Mayor.

“They must say they want X Y or Z to be the Mayor and that should be the Mayor…You cannot have a system where you vote for Parties and then go around a horseshoe table to decide who is going to be Mayor, said Benschop.

More specifically, Benschop would like provisions to be made for electronic voting to be introduced at the upcoming March 18, 2016 polls, which he stated will help in the efficient delivery of elections results.Benschop

Benschop also wants the post of Town Clerk to be wiped out since he believes that the powers of the Town Clerks supersede that of Mayor and this should not be.

Speaking on his plans should he be elected to occupy the post of Mayor, Benshop says that he intends to involve a wide range of youth leaders on his team.

“This opportunity we can offer young people a platform to become actively engaged in the decision making process of our country,” he said affirming that youths should not just be used for political window dressing.

He said that he is confident of a landslide victory at the upcoming local polls.

“It is going to be a clean sweep…we believe that the time has come for those who have been obstacles to change to be removed…We are giving them notice that their time is up – They have served for over two decades and it is time for them to vacate the place,” he stated.



  1. Everybody want fat cats money now when they want your vote they tell you good deal after the win the big money talk start to full their pocket 2015 may speak for itself

  2. Princess Green the Sleeping Beauty,slept for 23 years when the PPP/C was in Office then came.Prince Granger who kissed her then she remember that the City has to be cleaned.It’s time that she retire and give a some one else a chance,one who always awaken.

  3. Blame the PPP for Hamilton Green if you really want to apportion blame for Georgetown affairs, because managing the capital was and is more than just about a clean environment; it includes rates and taxes collection and especially from new multi storeyed buildings. The PPP deliberately messed up Georgetown to get at Hammie, but it backfired. Today, the PPP is a mess.

  4. Mark Benschop for Mayor of Georgetown, and precisely because Guyana needs to end their politics of party dominance.
    I openly backed the AFC as an alternative to the PNC and PPP, but after prorogation threatened the legitimate role of both parliamentary opposition parties, I openly backed their coalescing replace the PPP.
    Unfortunately, after six months, the coalition either is slow navigating the learning curve satisfied or is not keeping faith with the people. Crossover voters, especially, who really banked on the AFC to push for promised actions and change appear disillusioned. The AFC appeared to have changed instead of inspiring change apart from regime change. Has it been subsumed by the APNU? What about the WPA and the other parties of the coalition?
    This is why Mark Benschop is the new preferred candidate for Mayor, providing he can win and distinguish himself from the pack that thinks a one-seat majority win means a mandate to break campaign promises and to do whatever and whenever.
    Inews, how about you guys do a review of the coalition’s manifesto, then conduct an online survey to determine how it has done the last six months viz a viz the manifesto and Cummingsburg promises.

  5. Get rid of Hamilton Green. This man and his cohorts are absolutely a failure to the residents of Georgetown. Hamilton Green has done nothing but create a dump with Georgetown. When the PPP/C was in office,residents of Georgetown cast blame on the Central Government for the mess created but neglected to hold Hamilton Green accountable. It is TIME to remove this failure(Hamilton Green) from Georgetown and politics. Let him rest his old bones and give someone else a chance to run this city. Good luck Mark.


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