Benn condemns Opposition MP’s “malicious” social media post on country’s security forces


Statement from the Ministry of Home Affairs 

The Ministry of Home Affairs notes with serious concern the contents of a Facebook post by Ms. Annette Ferguson, Member of the Parliament of Guyana, wherein she refers to” setting up of Death Squad and Black Clothes groups” arriving out of the considerations of Financial paper 2/2021 during the parliamentary session on Monday 14th, June 2021.

Appended to her post is an article from “Guyana News Today” which headlines “Exclusive: PPP secures @250million budget to resuscitation Black Clothes Death Squad”.

It is apt to note that none of the deliberately malicious and incendiary statements were made during the consideration of the matter of the establishment of Regional Joint Support teams, either in presentations or even heckling from the benches.

I wish to condemn in the strongest possible terms, the malicious, deliberate, incendiary and delusional attempts to: bring the security forces into disrepute; to target individuals in those services; and to foment mischief and misrepresentations with respect to the policies and programs of the PPP/C government in its efforts to improve safety and security throughout Guyana.