Beharry distribution truck robbed by lone gunman


In yet another reported robbery, a distribution truck attached to the Edward B Beharry and Son was this afternoon relieved of an undisclosed sum of cash in the vicinity of the Bourda Market, Georgetown by a lone gunman.   

Reports are that at approximately 14:00h, the driver of the truck was proceeding along Robb Street, Georgetown when he was ambushed by a lone gunman who proceeded to rob him.

While many eyewitnesses were hesitant to give information,  Inews understands that the driver who was unharmed, parked the truck in front of a shop and proceeded to the Alberttown Police Station to make a report.

The police have launched an investigation into the armed robbery.

Only a few weeks ago, Public Security Minister, Khemraj Ramjattan disclosed that there will be a heavy presence of police and soldiers in and around Georgetown as the Christmas season approaches but in this case, no law enforcement officer was seen.   (Ramona Luthi)



  1. Why are you silent on the Marcus Bisran case,are you too ashamed of your brothers killing your own kind? When something is wrong you must highlight it regardless of race.

  2. This is will never stop as long as the joker and his good for nothing stooges are in power.These ppl are bent on destroying indians at all cost .


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